13 11 / 18

Alexandros Spak, partner of PARADIGMA in the United Kingdom, took part in presentation of the book «Dispute Resolution» during Russian Law Week – 2018 in London. The event was going on from 12 until 14 November.

The book «Dispute Resolution» is a third book from a series of books «Russian Law Essentials» dedicated to the issues of hearing economic disputes in the Commercial (Arbitrazh) courts of the Russian Federation and in arbitration courts.

The ideological inspirer and editor has been Alexander Molotnikov who brought together several expert teams to work on the book. PARADIGMA has prepared three articles published in several chapters for the book in English - «Proceedings in the commercial (arbitrazh) courts» and «Enforcement of decisions of the commercial (arbitrazh) courts».

This book will be useful both for practicing lawyers - as it explains how to manage legal disputes in Russia, and for the general public that would like to read on the proposed subject.

After presentation you can buy the book «Russian Law Essentials» on the Internet and in Russian bookstores.

Russian Law Week - 2018 brings together practicing lawyers and business representatives from Russia and the United Kingdom in order to strengthen legal and business ties between the countries. PARADIGMA is a regular participant of this event.