26 02 / 18

Ledaro vs Ulmart. Kommersant 26.02.2018

The Managing partner of PARADIGMA Kliment Rusakomsky commented to «Kommersant» on the initiation of the bankruptcy of the parent company Ulmart Holding Limited owed more than $ 30 million to Ledaro, whose interests are represented by the legal group PARADIGMA. The reason for this was the non-reimbursement by the debtor of court costs of £ 45,000, which will make it possible to turn the collection of Russian assets of Ulmart Holding Limited.

Cyprus Ledaro intends to initiate bankruptcy of the Maltese Ulmart Holding Limited (UHL). To this end, Ledaro is going to apply to the Malta court this week to legalize the decision of The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)  to recover the debt from the UHL for legal expenses.

Read more about the comments of Rusakomsky K.I. you can in the article «Kommersant»