30 05 / 18

Legal Group PARADIGMA takes part in the Legal Work Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia that will be held the Greenwood Business Park from May 29 to May 31

PARADIGMA lawyers have been invited as the experts at the legal congress for entrepreneurs and investors of China under the leadership of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia within the framework of the Russian law.

The objectives of the event are strengthening of the Chinese and Russian legal cooperation and protecting the legitimate rights of Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese citizens in Russia with an aim to maintain cooperation in the field of law between China and Russia.

Head of legal practice PARADIGMA, Andrey Toryannikov, has presented a lengthy report on the topic "From conclusion of the contract to bankruptcy of the counterparty". The report contains the aspects of concluding contracts with the Chinese counterparts using the Russian law norms and the issue of enforcement of foreign courts’ judgments in Russia.

Not less important part of Andrey Toryannikov’s report was the topic of implementation of the Russian commercial (arbitrazh) courts’ decisions. The lawyer concluded his speech with the theme of risks in the bankruptcy (insolvency) of the debtor (counterparty).

Elena Gorbatovskaya, lawyer of the legal group PARADIGMA and specialist of competition legal practice, has addressed the topic of the legal grounds of the Chinese suppliers’ participation in the Russian public procurement market. The lawyer has presented topical issues in the public procurement practice such as establishment and use of the national treatment. She also talked about the existing prohibitions and restrictions in the area of public procurement, as well as the conditions of admission to the public procurement market.

Strengthening of interaction and legal cooperation between China and Russia, exchange of experience and resources through publications and events on a regular basis are important goals of our firm. Moreover, we also hope this will serve as a reliable assistance for the Chinese companies entering the Russian market, as well as for companies planning to cooperate with China.