26 12 / 17

New Year's corporate party of our law company!

New Year's corporate party is the favourite celebration of our colleges. You can look at our amusing photos to find out how such parties take place. Maybe your office celebrates company parties in the same way, and you can find «yourselves» around our members.

Prehistory: this year a corporate party was planned to be organized with our friends and partners – «Russian Holding Company». In the beginning of December we have departed to change of scenery, to forget about everyday work on two days and to change a paradigma of thinking – to take breathe before the Christmas rush. 

Corporate party in our company begins every year in this way. Everyone is dressed up, serious and very dignified. It is a good reason for us to summarize provisional results, to announce a plan for development, to demonstrate attainments of our company to employees, to strengthen corporate spirit and proudness for achieved goals

It is not simple to keep a balance between entertaining and official part. Firstly, the most diligent employees of the year were awarded. Then the intellectual games have been started.

These are our vigorous lawyers. Guys were the most resilient in our company. During the dinner event, sport competition and team games they have proved themselves from different side and got to known each other better. Informal setting conduced to creation of friendship between members of our collective. 

Here we are chilling out and having fun. Somebody takes control, somebody has taken ease. 

In the end of the party our young colleges became very excited. Our events characterized with informal setting, which is the best way to support a team spirit and to provide a cohesion of collective. Our colleges have showed themselves from different sides: somebody have turned out to be a lover of poetry, somebody have showed effective methods of defense and offense in action, somebody was breaking hurts of men`s part of our members.

It was unbelievable corporate party. How our colleges admitted, IT WAS UNFORGETABLE! Bright, cheerfully and very emotionally event!