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PARADIGMA’s Masters School in Lomonosov Moscow State University (dispute resolution, litigation, bankruptcy support, corporate law and current changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation.)

Dear friends!

We are pleased to present you PARADIGMA practical lectures dedicated litigation, bankruptcy support, corporate law and current changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, which will be held  in the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University the first time in academic year (2018).

The course of  lectures will perform by:

▪Marat Khasanov - partner PARADIGMA;
▪Valeria Selivanova - partner of PARADIGMA;
▪Andrey Toryannikov - Head of a Litigation Practice of PARADIGMA;
▪Alexey Filatov - Senior Associate of PARADIGMA.

Classes will be held:

27.09 - " Enforcement of arbitration  courts decisions  in the Russian Federation"
04.10 - "Consideration of commercial disputes in international arbitration"
11.10 - "Legal Due Diligence and provision of guarantees and representation on a deal"
18.10 - "Recovery of costs in the arbitration and civil proceedings"
25.10 - " Protection of clients in case of counterparty bankruptcy. Responsibility of the controlling persons of the debtor"
31.10 - "Corporate contracts and agreements as a form of minimization subsequent business risks"
15.11 - “Building corporate governance in a company”
20.11 - "Forensic enquiry as a countermeasure the falsification of evidence in the arbitration process"
29.11 - "Restructuring as an alternative form of settlement of the company's debt by Cyprus law. Сonsideration of practical case.
06.11 - "Legal mechanisms for the protection of investments in the Russian Federation. Announcement of the results of the competition" Legal Essay ".

Time: classes will begin at 18:00
Classes are absolutely free.

Audiences will be informed later, stay tuned for group updates.
At the end of the course certificates of  passing lectures will be awarded from PARADIGMA.
An appraisal will be held on completing the results of the training.  Most successful students of the course will have the opportunity to get an internship in the PARADIGMA Law firm based on the results of course.