30 03 / 18

PRAVO.RU held a conference "Economics of a law firm" in the office of the firm PARADIGMA.

For the first time in the history of organizing its conferences has chosen the office of PARADIGMA as the venue for an event. The new format of the conference was proposed by the organizers of and supported by the management of the legal firm PARADIGMA. Natalia Kolodezhnaya, managing partner of PARADIGMA, has noted that "the legal services market has traditionally been closed, legal advisers do not often talk about their internal matters. In this sense our firm is a pioneer and we are glad to welcome guests in our office and openly share the experience we gained. "

Natalia also gave a presentation on the topic "Office design – is a reflection of the corporate identity of the firm." The managing partner described how the owner and partners can contribute to the improvement of the office, what is the difference between PARADIGMA office and other law firms from the point of view of the concept of style solution, functionality, automation of processes, and also shared experience on how to turn the office of the firm into a "second house" for employees. After the presentation, the managing partner conducted a tour of PARADIGMA’s office and showed how the working areas, partner's offices, as well as recreation areas, record room and meeting rooms are arranged.

During the tour she told how the process of creating the office was carried out - from the moment of drawing up of the technical assignment to the implementation of construction, finishing works, arrangement and greening of the office space. Natalia also shared her ideas about what needs to be done to create an atmosphere of trust in the client's office and a climate that is conducive to a productive work for the firm’s employees with the guests.

We thank the organizers of for the opportunity of an open and interesting dialogue with colleagues from other legal firms and we hope that our practical advice will be useful to them. We believe that the experience of holding conferences within the walls of PARADIGMA office will serve as a start of similar events in the work spaces of our colleagues.

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