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The presentation of the book «The selected works of law faculty in Harbin» was held at the Law faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University on the 12th of May 2017. This collection is among the first of books in the course «Asian law. China» that is issued by the Russia-China Law Society with the support of the Asian Legal Research Centre of MSU Law faculty.

The legal group PARADIGMA is a member of the Russia-China Law Society and promotes initiatives of organization. We are grateful for the invitation on the presentation of the book of the Chief executive officer of RCLS Alexander Evgenievich Molotnikov. The importance of such researches is difficult to underestimate because it affords lawyers to recognize the legal awareness of Chinese, their legal culture, the roots of the modern law. It is impossible to manage a business in China and to provide the legal support of business-projects without the comprehension of these aspects. Moreover, it is difficult to seek justice in Chinese courts, unless you are aware of this point.

The book «The selected works of law faculty in Harbin» is a reconstruction of historical heritage of legal researches of Russian and Chinese law scientists. This unique edition comprises extracts from the papers of Russian law scientists from the beginning of XX century, who left Moscow and Sent-Petersburg’s Universities and immigrated in China. Law faculty in Harbin is Russian high school for immigrants, where scientists have continued to deal with laws. It operated since 1920 up to 1937.

In a field of cooperation between our countries the significance of in-depth study of China legal researches arises, inter alia within the scope of the initiative «One belt and one road». During the business trip on the 14th and 15th of May 2017 the Russian President takes a part in events of the Forum «One belt, one Road» in Beijing. Such a high attention shows the relevance of cooperation of Russia and China, and from the side of legal society – necessity of detailed preservation and augmentation of heritage of lawyers from the past.

The Russia-China Law Society is going to continue the publication of books of a series «Asian law. China». «Business in China» is now being prepared for the edition - the book in which the main provisions of the modern Chinese law will be described. RCLS is ready for cooperation with everyone who are interested in law and China.