23 12 / 16

The ordinary trial in the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) with an attendance of the Law group PARADIGMA just came to the end.

We have represented the interests of the famous Russian company in a complicated dispute on the assets acquisition. In this case the client turned into а complex situation in the result of negligence to some aspects of English law. The risk of penalties in a substantial sum occurred.

Firstly, the client applied to English lawyers, but afterwards he entrusted the case PARADIGMA. One of the oldest and honored English law firms have represented the interests of our opponents.

We succeed in the dispute and protected the interests of the client.

Both of the parties practiced an active and aggressive tactics. Notably we effectively used our procedural opportunities, provided by Rules of Arbitration of LCIA.

You can read in the latest issue of the magazine “Vestnik Mejdunarodnogo Kommercheskogo Arbitrajha” (“Bulletin of the International Commercial Arbitration”) about one of the procedural aspects of this case – successful appliance of security for costs by Law group PARADIGMA. The author of the article – K.I.Rusakomsky, managing partner of PARADIGMA.