29 03 / 18

We continue our report from Caribbean Regatta, which is participated by PARADIGMA team.

The PARADIGMA team keeps pace in the race on BVI. Wind becomes stronger, guys have already known what differs spinnaker from staysail. They shout «Starboard!» when another boat appeared just at one meter from them. They have already realized that somebody is awkward and learned how to turn aside of cove on corner.

People say "That time when you are on the sea is like another one life", and it is true. Regatta is an infatuating destination and good experience, which changes view of life. Real adventures and bright emotions. Amazing race on sailing boats under the guidance of experienced skippers, whose crews achieved the victory many times. It is a hot scramble, a feeling of sea adventure, and a good challenge.

It is important for every regatta to have a captain with a license of ship control on board and at least one experienced member of a team, who is able to control a ship in absence of captain. Kliment - our chief and a leader of the travel plays here a central stage. It is not necessary to be professionals for other members of the crew. It is quite enough to have a desire and ability to work in a team, to have inexhaustible positive thinking and cheerful mind and to understand that a captain on the boat plays the main role. You can be sure that in this case you will get positive emotions and good experience.

This regatta is for those, who chose freedom of movement, sky, wind, sea, sail!

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