02 06 / 16

With experts of Paradigma company public procurements would no longer be a problem!

With assistance of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) there was a seminar “The procurements for design, building construction and repair” on June 1.

Elena Zhukova, a lawyer of anti-trust practice of Paradigma company, has participated in the seminar as invited expert. Elena proposed complex approaches of effective participation in implement of public and commercial procurements. Particularly she showed practical special aspects of procurements during contracted works (building construction, reconstruction), taking into account the general rules of procurements. Also Elena narrated about the recent amendments to 44th Federal Law  and to Urban planning code of Russian Federation, also about the order of open tendering procedure and online auction with a glance to specialties of designing,  building construction pursuant to 44th Federal Law of Russian Federation.

Spokespeople of Paradigma company are constantly invited as experts at programs of improving current authorities of business representatives, specializing in procurements for state, municipal and commercial needs, also at operating of contract system in procurements of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs. Entered into force the 44th Federal law dated of 05.04.2013 №44-FZ "About contract system at the procurements of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs" has introduced new requirements for state and municipal customers. It is a fact, that the procurements should be carried out by qualified specialists who have special education in the area of procurements and who have necessary knowledge and skills.

If you intend to carry out any works, provide any services on purpose to meet state and municipal needs, you should be successful and popular expert at this area, because the rules of 44th Federal Law of Russian Federation are constantly emended and clarified by a significant number of legislative acts and sub-legislative acts.

However even in this case there can be violations of the law within the framework of antitrust authority’s implementation of supervising function, during which decision and binding instructions are issued, and a matter of initiation of an administrative case is reviewed.

So, on purpose  to ensure compliance with the antimonopoly legislation, legislation of the contract system of procurements we offer the services of legal representation during antitrust disputes, which includes:
• Legal advising and compiling legal opinions

• Services of legal representation during antitrust disputes

• Appeal of actions (inactions) of the customer, authorized body, specialized organization, operator of electronic platform, the commission of procurements’ implementation in the pre-trial and court procedures.

• Services of legal representation at Federal Anti-Monopoly Service

• Legal representation of Client’s interests in cases concerning administrative offences

• Coordinated approvals of transactions with Federal Anti-Monopoly Service  of Russian Federation