Corporate Disputes



Paradigma offers professional assistance in resolving corporate disputes. Our clients span a range of business areas and organisational forms across Moscow, Moscow Region, other subjects of the Russian Federation, and foreign countries. Lawyers of Paradigma have been able to prevent multiple conflicts in 27 large companies. Our large experience and our solid knowledge of the laws and of case law, allows us to successfully deal with any type of conflict situation. In providing legal services, our lawyers are guided by the principles of professionalism, complete independence and strict confidentiality. We aim to find solutions for our clients using any and all legitimate methods.


Lawyers of Paradigma offer professional assistance in corporate law matters in the following areas:

  • settlement of disputes within financial-industrial groups (FIGs), resolution of shareholder disputes;
  • development of the set of foundation documents;
  • representation of clients before official authorities;
  • legal support of incorporation and liquidation of legal entities;
  • assistance in reorganisation and restructuring of business;
  • efficient defence of companies from hostile takeovers;
  • documentation of capital increase;
  • entry of changes into foundation documents and USRLE;
  • legal support of securities issuance etc.


For the last 10 years, our lawyers have specialised in providing legal support to businesses. During that time, we have developed efficient mechanisms of preventing intra-corporate conflicts. For each client, an individual strategy is tailored to best protect the client’s interests.

We offer:

  • advice on the prevention and resolution of corporate disputes;
  • fundamental analysis of a contentious situation with assessment of potential legal risks;
  • preventive defence of shareholders’ interests;
  • representation of clients in negotiations, execution of documents and performance of other legally binding actions in the redistribution of assets, reorganisation, restructuring and diversification of business;
  • protection of the client entity from the creation of parallel governance structures;
  • out-of-court settlement of corporate disputes. Paradigma Law Company has a team of professional mediators who possess efficient mechanisms of resolving differences without applying to the official instances;
  • protection of our clients’ interests (members, shareholders of companies) in general meetings;
  • litigation. Paradigma attorneys offer comprehensive litigation services. We will assemble the body of evidence for the case, draft procedural documents and file them, take part in hearings, appeal court judgements, perform any other steps to defend our principals’ interests;
  • development of protected corporate schemes and other services to prevent intra-company disputes.