Transaction Support



Paradigma lawyers offer comprehensive transaction support services. For 10 years, we have protected our clients’ interests in dealings with their business partners. Our clients are entities operating in Moscow, other subjects of the Russian Federation, and foreign countries. Today, Paradigma lawyers have to their credit 92 major transactions, with 15 of them in foreign jurisdictions. Relying on our solid legal knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience, we achieve well-founded and timely solutions for our clients’ business objectives, however difficult.

Each company performs a variety of transactions: engages in trade operations, acquires, sells, pledges property, is involved in investment projects. For a reliable result, such transactions need to be supported through all stages of execution and performance. Our lawyers will draft a contract, verify the documents, check the target’s legal history and other legal nuances. Where the contract is drafted by the counterparty’s counsel, our lawyers will need to perform a detailed review of the draft prior to execution. Where necessary, a due diligence exercise will be performed. Further on, negotiations will be arranged to discuss the procedure of performance and other legally significant aspects of support. This is the only approach allowing to avoid legal and financial risks.


Paradigma has a team of professionals offering support of various transactions. We offer:

  • legal advice. The specialist will analyse the situation and suggest all possible options to the client;
  • drafting of contracts of lease, purchase and sale, pledge, trust, supply, assignment of rights and others;
  • preparation of transaction documents sets;
  • legal audit of documents provided for signature;
  • assessment of potential legal risks involved in the contract, agreement or arrangement;
  • drafting of memoranda of reconciliation. Out-of-court settlement of disputes;
  • lawyer’s attendance in negotiations with the counterparties;
  • organisation of discharge of financial obligations;
  • transaction support in the execution of an agreement, arrangement or contract;
  • representation of the client’s interests before official authorities;
  • preparation of the set of documents required to register title to property with Rosreestr;
  • litigation;
  • support of closed transactions;
  • professional control of performance and other services.

The main principles of our support services are:

  • strategic approach;
  • fundamental analysis of the client’s situation;
  • irreproachable reputation;
  • complete independence. We rule out any concurrent collaboration with our clients’ opponents;
  • timely solution of tasks arising in each stage of transaction support;
  • strict confidentiality.

Clients can schedule an appointment with our transaction support lawyers by calling us on the numbers shown in the CONTACT US section.